WaitLess automates your waitlists so you can keep a full schedule when a cancellation occurs, and so your customers can see you sooner.

  • Complete customization

  • AI notification system

  • Appointment & Revenue Analytics 

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For Healthcare Providers


For Hair Salons and Barbers

For Boutique Hotels

What is WaitLess?

The Problem

WaitLess addresses one of the biggest problems in any industry that services its clients through appointment scheduling: trying to fill cancellations or unfilled last-minute appointments.

The Solution

The Technology

WaitLess automates your waitlists by notifying your customers of cancellations or unfilled appointments, if they are trying to see you sooner.

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With powerful AI tools, WaitLess is able to track analytics so you can see how many appointments are being filled and how much money you are saving.



Are you waiting too long to see your doctor? Do you want to get a haircut with your favorite stylist this weekend but there's no availability? Are you having problems getting a hotel room because they are fully booked? To help get WaitLess into your favorite businesses click below.


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