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3 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need WaitLess Medical

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Written by: Brendan Weinberg


The Healthcare industry needs to stop the practice of double booking. It is annoying in the airline industry and even worse in healthcare – it should no longer be acceptable.

Making appointments has shifted out of favor with patients. Because of the high incidence of "no shows" and cancellations, hospitals and doctor offices use double booking as a way to increase their profits.

With WaitLess Medical software, there is an easier way to save money on the provider side while saving time on the patient side. Patients create wish lists for appointments around their preferences then wait for a notification that an appointment has become available. Providers get to keep their schedules full without having to double book.

This adds more flexibility to the patients as they are able to choose the appointment times that work best for them.

· Replacing cancellations

· Maximizing efficiency

· Diminishing YOUR waiting time to see your doctor

Patient waiting to be seen at doctor office
WaitLess- See Your Doctor Sooner

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