• Michelle P.

Big Medical Image Files Have Nowhere to Go

Accurate and timely patient data is crucial for healthcare professionals to make the best decisions. However, healthcare organizations are storing petabytes of medical imaging data, such as lab slides, X-rays, MRI scans, while also having a policy of never deleting this data. On top of that, researchers may even need this data indefinitely to be able to continue their work.

All of these images must be replicated, backed up and stored.

How are healthcare organizations dealing with an ever-expanding database? They are slowly increasing their investments in the cloud. This is not an easy decision, as security is always an issue with patient data. Also, tolerance for any downtime on these services is extremely low.

The right cloud solution will have two components. The first is to be able to move old, unused large image file into long-term storage, which may also simultaneously be cheaper. The second is to have fast access to the images which are needed and can facilitate a smooth experience so that healthcare professionals can focus on the data, not the storage of it.


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