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Digital Technologies facilitate medical decision-making

“Decision-making has one clear goal in medicine- the good of the patient. The digitalization of the healthcare environment has made the good of the patient increasingly dependent on the intelligent use of data,” article linked below.

The use of data in healthcare is the new frontier in medicine. The current challenge is to be able to bring together many different sources of data - clinical, radiological, laboratory and observational - while making sure that the patient’s wishes are being met. These complex decision-making processes often fail. They can be inaccessible, too extensive or even unstructured.

Data is useless unless it can be transformed into actionable insights. For this reason, many advanced solutions try to provide insights which were algorithmically acquired. This means that much of the data that is stored electronically is not used at all.

A digital solution to this problem must be very flexible and all-encompassing. It must provide clinical support, patient summaries and much more. “Innovative medical technologies can supply healthcare providers with the digital infrastructure that is simple, versatile and adaptable.” An integrated and interoperable system will promote holistic decision making and improve the efficiency of healthcare services.

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