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National Survey Reveals that Digital Technology Adoption Boosts Patient Engagement

The results of a survey conducted by Xtelligent Healthcare Media, which was commissioned by NextGen Healthcare, are that 83% of respondents think that “patient engagement solutions play a moderate to significant role in patient outcomes and organizational financial success”. There were a total of 103 healthcare providers and administrators who responded to the online survey. This survey confirms what can be thought of as an intuitive practice. Digital technology plays an ever-increasing role in modern day activities. It is only logical that healthcare should, and already has, meet patients where they spend most of their days: on their devices.

There were three large trends identified, specifically in regards to the inner workflow of an office. The first is that check-in workflows and telehealth are the most important out of all of the workflows, since they reduce the strain on the front-office staff as well as reduce time spent on paperwork. The second is that solutions which are able to integrate into existing platforms ease the burden on providers. In fact, many believe that the success of the digital technology lay in the adoption of the technology, not in the technology itself. Lastly, education and training in these technologies also decreases the administrative burden on healthcare providers.

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