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Opening Mass Vaccine Sites: A case study in rapid deployment

Mass vaccination sites were a great success. In California, the opening of nine mass vaccination sites provided the capacity to deliver more than 200,000 shots per week (link to article below). The approach that one of California’s leading health systems used to respond to the need for vaccinations was:

Site selection - The site must be accessible to a large enough population, with the capacity to vaccinate thousands of people per day. Research extended to event centers, large hotels and colleges. Nine were chosen.

Program management - These sites were new clinics that had to be fully staffed. There was a dual partnership between someone who was an “operations project manager” and a “facilities project manager” for each site. One oversaw the workflow, and the other the facility.

A dashboard management tool - This is where online communication was crucial. There was an online application that was a catch all for tracking, forecasting volume and implementing administration processes. Calculators were built in to make sure that the site didn’t go over capacity.

A mass vaccination playbook - The procedures within these mass vaccination sites were standardized and deployed over all of the sites.

One thing that can be learned from this deployment is that the availability and standardization of online resources allows for the processing of patients to go smoothly. While the volume of these operations was unprecedented, the processes and workflows can prove useful in other areas of healthcare.

Link to article referenced:

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