• Michelle P.

Understanding the Path to Strong Provider, Patient Loyalty

“In today’s consumer-driven, value-based health care market, patient and physician loyalty are two of the most important concerns facing healthcare leaders” is a quote from the article, linked below.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards consumer-based healthcare. As such, it is becoming increasingly simple for patients to switch providers according to their needs. However, organizations have to depend on their patient bases to stay afloat. A practice that cannot achieve high patient satisfaction and therefore drive patient loyalty may not be able to afford to stay open.

It is the perceptions of care and respect that most highly influence whether a patient will recommend a practice to a friend or family member. This perception of teamwork must extend throughout the whole practice. If only the doctors and nurses are perceived to be respectful, patients are not likely to recommend the practices.

The way that this patient and physician loyalty can be achieved is to understand how physician engagement and patient loyalty are linked. Medical practices which have the systems to serve both their physicians and patients will reap the benefits of not only patient satisfaction, but also high performance.

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