Why Waitless?

Patient cancellations and missed appointments cost providers $150 billion dollars each year. 10% - 20% of gross revenue is lost to hospitals, imaging centers and surgical centers.

The probability of a patient no-showing increases the further out they are booked. When a patient cancellation turns into a no-show, the spot is not filled and revenue is lost. On average, providers and clinic systems have a 10-20% no show or last minute cancellation rate. That translates to lost revenue for up to 1 out of 5 appointment slots.  Addressing cancellations and no-shows is the key to recouping some of that lost revenue. 

Providing patients access to earlier appointments by automatically notifying them of newly available time slots that meet their scheduling preferences is the best way to minimize revenue loss. Notably, this can also help improve patient satisfaction.

WaitLess Medical is an automated HIPAA compliant cloud-based software platform that keeps a doctor’s office or procedure schedule full with patients looking for cancellations. A Web App notifies patients of cancellations by provider and scheduling preference.  The service is free for patients and often pays for itself with one filled appointment per month.

WaitLess Medical minimizes the need for providers to overbook schedules to compensate for open appointments and frees up staff from talking with patients who are looking for cancellations or need to change their appointment times.

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WaitLess Medical

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