WaitLess uses a provider-paid SaaS model.  It is a stand-alone or plug-in a HIPPA compliant cloud-based software platform, free for patients. A patient creates wish lists of preferred appointment dates and times and provider staff post newly available appointments. The platform texts/emails the first preferred matched date/time to the patient. The patient can accept offers from a mobile device or PC. Then, the provider staff and patients get notified of the new appointment.


WaitLess improves patient satisfaction and maximizes physician revenue by filling last-minute open appointment slots that would not otherwise be filled. The software helps fill 10-20% of lost revenue that occurs every day without the need to double book. The solution can be used in office settings as well as elective surgery, imaging, endoscopy, and outpatient hospital testing and often pays for itself with one filled cancellation slot.

WaitLess Medical

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